How to Fix Brother Printer Error Code 48?

One of the major brands like Brother Printer provides a range of printers delivering high-quality and reliable performance. Brother Printers are not just known for their amazing specifications but have proved as user-friendly.

Their excellent printing service is subsequent from the fact that they are easy to operate and install. But since it’s a device it may malfunction or crash anytime and we have to face certain errors with printer devices, most commonly the brother printer error 48.

Among so many error codes generated by Brother Printers, one is the error 48 which mean that the circuit board or print head cable is broken or damaged. Objects like a ripped piece of paper or paper clip might destruct the printer head.

How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error 48?

Troubleshooting and solving brother printer issues is a quite simple task only if you are well aware of the error codes. Troubleshooting involves some basic steps and guidelines to analyze current or recurring issues.

Remember you need to keep some time and patience for troubleshooting brother printer error 48 in a successful order.

Steps to Resolve Brother Printer error 48:

Step 1: Check and Eliminate for Debris and Paper Scraps

  • Detach the printer from the power source.
  • Lift up and open the scanner cover carefully.
  • Look up inside the device for foreign objects or jammed paper and securely eliminate it.
  • Be sure that no paper is jammed beneath the printer head.
  • If the paper head is positioned in central, slide and change it to the right or left side and check for paper scraps under it.

Step 2: Encoder Strip Clean Off

  • Simply detach the Brother Printer from the power opening.
  • Lift the scanner cover using the finger holds until the device is not locked securely into its open position.
  • Find the Encoder Strip which is a transparent plastic strip in front of the white vinyl band.
  • Custom a piece of dry lint cloth to clean both the sides of the encoder strip.
  • Start cleaning encoder strip in right to left order.
  • Repeat the steps to clean the encoder strip perfectly.
  • Followed by the cleaning process, close the scanner cover and attach the printer machine back to the power outlet.

If the print command is consecutively running successfully then the error has been troubleshot. Else, if it shows then recreate the complete process back again. If the error still persists, you can contact us at Brother Printer Customer Support at any time.

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